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"Very nicely done. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much when I first ran Keywords Locator, considering I've used just about every other keyword generator program out there and hadn't been that impressed. I was actually planning on creating my own custom application to fill the voids these other programs left. Well, after spending about 10 minutes with Keywords Locator, I've changed my mind and will be primarily using your application for PPC marketing.

-Brad Callen - http://www.SEOelite.com

"This software belongs on the desktop of any marketer who wants to make more money and save more time on their PPC campaigns.

Within 12 minutes of testing out your software -- I had
already found 239 low-cost keywords that were relevant to my market. Talk about fast!

I can honestly say that the competition analysis feature is easily worth 10 times the price you'll pay for this software. Buying your software is simply a no-brainer... and I highly recommend it!!"

-Mike -- http://www.Making.biz

" All I have to say is Keyword Locator is the most AMAZING piece of software I've ever used. I was able to go in today and use it to instantly determine how competitive any market is. I especially love how it completely takes the guesswork out of launching your PPC campaigns.

But the best part of your software is how I was able to
easily analyze the competition using the analysis feature. Now I don't have to get involved with the annoying bid wars. In fact, I just saved myself $221.13 using your software. Thanks!!"

-Christopher Choi -- http://www.BrainsiderNews.com

"Keyword locator is the next step up for marketers who are serious about profitable keyword research and making real money with PPC advertising.

It's now my #1 keyword research tool by far - it not only allows me to easily find a whole lot of
money-making "niche" keywords, but also lets me "spy" on the competition by showing me detailed info on every ad that exists for any keyword. Very powerful stuff!

Actually, after I started using Keyword locator, my other keyword research tools are pretty weak in comparison - they just "collect dust" on my desktop these days... This is the
best keyword research software there is. Period."

-Fred Engh -- www.CBTracker.com

"Keyword Locator is a huge time saver. I was awed by how fast I was able to get the keywords I needed, especially how cheap I was able to get them.

The bottom line is that your software showed me how to
get more traffic while spending less money. I had a gold mine of keywords in front of my screen, just waiting for me to take them off my competition's hands.

Saying that this software was a wise investment is an understatement.

-Noel Springer -- http://www.webbizprofit.com

" This piece of software is truly revolutionary and will change how every marketer advertises on the Internet (at least the smart ones). If you really want more traffic to your site then you're going to need this to uncover an influx of targeted keywords with no competition.

I highly recommend that everyone stops wasting their time and money on their PPC campaigns and get this software immediately. It is a
must-have tool for anyone who advertises on Google and Overture.

-Jerry Kettenbauer -- http://www.prowebhelp.com

" Before I used your software, I didn't realize how much money I was losing out on. I thought the normal Overture suggestion tool and the other keyword programs were good enough for research.

But when I tried your software, it blew me away. Your software has
literally saved me thousands of dollars on my Pay-per-click campaigns. It was not only simple to use, it had all the information I wanted and more."

-Marsha Jett -- http://www.spicekat.com

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