“Why Do Some People Almost Always Make a
Killing With Pay Per Click Advertising,
While You Try Everything Possible
And Barely Make Enough To Break Even?"

How a few clever people are effortlessly turning their nickels into dimes, quarters, and even dollars with a single click of a button.

by Frenchie Sano, Pay-Per-Click Traffic Expert

Here's a quick marketing quiz that's sure to make a dramatic impact on the amount of money you make with your PPC advertising:


1. Do you want to slash 437% or more of your time researching profitable keywords for your PPC campaigns and Search Engine Optimization?
2. Do you want to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your PPC campaigns by locating "hidden loopholes" with a mere click of a button?
3. Do you want to double, even triple your traffic yet still spend 59% or less without any extra marketing or effort on your part?
4. Are you interested in locating under-exploited niche markets filled with floods of starving customers practically waiting in line to hand their money over to you?
5. Are you interested in getting your hands on all the "nitty-gritty" details of your competitors on the PPC search engines and ruthlessly expose every single aspect of their site?

If you answered "Yes" to any (or all) of the above, you are qualified to discover a solution that is tested and proven to multiply your Pay-Per-Click profits.

As you read every word of this article, you'll discover a closely guarded "cheat-sheet" that'll take you to the top of the Pay-Per-Click food chain, transform your PPC profits from lackluster to blockbuster and allow you to do all of the things mentioned above (even more).

But first, let me tell you...
Why Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is The
Lifeblood Of Your Online Business
As time goes by, more and more online businesses are discovering for themselves firsthand - that Pay-Per-Click advertising is becoming the lifeblood of their online business. For some it is the lifeblood of their online business.

Why is this? Compared to other forms of marketing, the results are instantaneous.

For example: Any advertiser can open up to a Google Adwords account and get an ad going in as little as 5-10 minutes and expect a few thousands visitors within a few days. Then, tweak their results for maximum sales and conversions according to their test results.

In other words, Pay-Per-Click advertising can be...
FACT: PPC advertising is the absolute fastest way to drive hundreds, thousands of targeted traffic to your website. The cheapest way to test markets and improve
upon your ideas. And the
easiest way to launch a business online.
Your Own Personal Money-Printing Machine
Pay-Per-Click traffic is the purest and most profitable form of qualified traffic simply because people want to buy what you sell.

Let me explain.

People on the Internet are looking for specific information and looking to buy specific products -- and if you can deliver it to them, money is literally awaiting in front of your doorstep...

Done correctly, it's not hard to find yourself investing 5 cents and getting 10, 20 even 30 cents for your investment. Some marketers even see
exponential results -- easily returning 4,5, even up to 10 times their investment.

What's more, after you've set up your campaigns and made it work for you - it becomes your
personal cash register -- continuously bringing in streams of cash on auto-pilot (all that's required is simple maintenence 2-3 times a month).

But these questions still remain...

Why is it that so many people can't get it to work and end up losing money in the process?

Why do most people either break even or get such low returns that using this machine is many times not worthwhile?

And most importantly, why do 'some' people almost always make money with PPC advertising while others reach deep into their pockets to no avail?
Handling This “Double Edged Sword”:
How I Stopped The Leaks That Kept Me Poor
My name is Frenchie Sano. I've been a Webmaster and Internet Marketer for quite some years now. Most importantly, I have been involved with Pay-Per-Click Advertising ever since it was first introduced to the public in 1998.
If you're anything like me, the idea of instantaneous results using PPC marketing is obviously appealing to you. But if you've ever used PPC advertising, you know all too well that it's far from easy...

You set up your account and get a campaign going. Soon the visitors start coming in as little as a few minutes... but a day or two later, you find out that you're paying too much for your clicks, your keywords are not targeted enough, and you've wasted hours upon hours all for nothing.

WARNING: You can use PPC search engines to drive targeted traffic to your website within minutes BUT make one mistake and you'll fail miserably whether you have the best product, best salesletter, best anything!
This scenario was all too common for me until I realized I made a critical mistake - an all too common mistake that the majority of marketers make -- that eventually costs them hundreds, even thousands of their hard-earned advertising dollars.
The One Mistake That Could Kill You Before You
Can Even Get a Single Visitor To Your Website
It doesn't matter what your website sells, does, or even says -- if you're simply not targeting the right keywords and not using a winning keyword strategy, then you might as well kiss all your money goodbye. You see, the undisputed fact is that in Pay-Per-Click advertising, everything starts and ends with keywords.

Target the wrong keywords and you'll end up attracting visitors that come to your website but aren't (and never was) interested in buying anything from you.

Target the wrong keywords and you'll end up fighting tooth and nail trying to get good positions amidst all the competitors -- eventually costing you too much for clicks.

Target the wrong keywords and you'll end up wasting your time, money and effort to only end up back at square one.

Don't get me wrong, PPC advertising IS the most powerful form of online advertising available to you...

...but be warned - PPC Advertising can suck out your wallet as fast as it can generate sales if you're using the wrong keyword strategy. Click costs add up fast and will suck you dry before you even know what's happening - and this huge problem is common because of...

The 3 Deadly Pitfalls Of Keyword Research:

1. Finding profitable keywords and niche opportunities can be difficult. While you can easily find high volume keywords, the secret to successful PPC advertising is exploiting hundreds of keywords with little or no competition and using them to
your advantage.

2. Researching potential keyword phrases in different markets, as well as
different PPC search engines can be incredibly time consuming. You can literally
spend hours upon hours of time trying to locate the best keywords to bid on - but
the bigger problem lies in how much time it takes trying to find keywords with
little or no competing listings.

3. Competition on the PPC search engines is fierce and is incredibly expensive especially if your niche is saturated. What's even worse is that figuring out your competition and outsmarting them is near impossible. Many times, it's hard for
the "average guy" to even compete.

So what I did was this: I came up with an ingenious solution to all my problems - and after months of using it in complete secrecy, I've finally made the bold decision to release it to the public. This revolutionary easy-to-use software solves all the problems that come with keyword research...
Introducing Keyword Locator!
Your Personal Pay-Per-Click Cheat-Sheet
In less than 5 minutes of using Keyword Locator, you can have a list of hundreds, even thousands of keywords you can easily dominate and profit from.

(The best part is that you can do it in a single click)

With a push of a button, you'll unearth thousands of profitable keywords that are being searched on Google, Overture, Enhance and Findwhat! - all simultaneously!

Simply type in your keyword, click and
presto - you have an instant list of money-making keywords you can bank on, which normally would've took you hours if done manually.

Remember the 3 deadly pitfalls of keyword research?

Now finding profitable keywords and niche opportunities is amazingly easy with Keyword Locator. You no longer have to struggle over gruesome hours of trying to research how profitable your niche and keywords can be. I'm sure you know how excruciating that can be...

...which is why I strongly urge you to see for yourself how Keyword Locator will solve all your demanding keyword research problems and take care of all the labor involved with PPC advertising, starting with...

Solution #1: Easily Locate In-Demand Niche Markets and
Under-Exploited Keywords In Minutes

With Keyword Locator, now you can quickly find the keywords you're looking for. You'll get
the number of searches that were conducted for the previous month for each keyword AND
complete list of all related keywords.

never been easier to locate niche opportunities and discover under-exploited keywords
with this software. Using the results/search (R/S) ratio feature, you can instantly
determine the profitability of any niche market and keywords you want. You'll be amazed
how easy it'll be to locate profitable keywords and
snatch them right out of your
competition's hands.

Solution #2: Slash Your Keyword Research Time By 437%

With Keyword Locator, you can get results from the top 4 pay-per-click search engines
at once
. Not only do you get results from Google and Overture, you also get the results
from Enhance and FindWhat!

It's a shame that most PPC advertisers disregard these two PPC search engines when in actuality,
certain keywords from these engines actually have higher search volumes than Google and Overture (especially the low competition, low traffic keywords which you
should be targeting).

With this 4-in-1 solution, you can now
slash your keyword research time by 437% and
laser-target hundreds of keywords with little or no competition. You can literally pick and
choose the keywords that will bring you money across the 4 PPC networks.

Solution #3: Analyze And Expose Your Competition

With Keyword Locator, you can see EXACTLY how many competing campaigns exist for
every single keyword phrase - this meaning, you can target the keywords you want with

less competition

You can avoid bid wars and
save money by driving highly-targeted traffic for pennies,
while your competitors are shelling out hundreds of dollars for a
single keyword. Keyword Locator also exposes your competition's URL, listing title, and their exact bid amount so
you can
analyze and conquer your competition in any given market.

* Bid Amounts for Overture, FindWhat, and Enhance Networks. No Google Bids

As you can see, Keyword Locator will give you the unfair advantage over your competitors. You'll
be able to easily grab hundreds of untapped keywords right out of your competition's hands. Best of all... locating niche markets has never been easier with this indispensable tool.

But that's still just the tip of the iceberg...

Let me give you a
clear idea of how much time and money Keyword Locator can save you.

Picture The Following Scenario:

How 5 Minutes Of Using Keyword Locator Can
Save You 59% Or More On Your PPC Campaigns

Here's one quick example of how Keyword Locator could save you time and money in as little as 5 minutes...

Let's say that you're selling a product online (assume you're selling used cars as a case study),the first thing you would do is find profitable ways to get traffic to your site by using Overture, Google Adwords and the rest of the PPC engines.

An Eye-Opening Case Study:
Now, if you run a search on Overture for the keyword phrase "used car", you would find out that the keyword has bids as high as 61 cents per click with the 6th spot being 60 cents.

To even compete, you would need to pay a minimum of 61 cents per click. Now stay with me because this is simple math.

If you are getting 1230 clicks to your website every month at a bid of 61 cents per click, it totals to $750.30

1230 x .61 = 750.30 on Overture

(1230 visitors at .61 cents each on Overture)

On the other hand, if you used Keyword Locator, you'd discover that there is very little competition in Google and Enhance with only 6 competitors in Google (take a look below)

Here's the kicker: You can instantly take this information, go to Google Adwords and you'd find that the average cost would cost only 25 cents per click - that's an instant 59% payraise for your campaigns (compared to Overture). Now you can easily put all that money you saved into even more profitable keywords and lucrative campaigns.
Here's what the monstly cost would be from Overture: 1230 x .61 = $750.30
Here's what the monthly cost would be from Google: 1230 x .25 = $307.50
Now here's the difference: $750.30 (Overture) - $307.50 (Google) =$442.80 a month

That's a total savings of $442.80 every month and $5313.60 every year and it only took you exactly 5 minutes to do it! You could've dangerously spent 61 cents per click if you went straight to Overture without using Keyword Locator to locate untapped keywords.

And that's for a single keyword - Can you imagine how much more money, sales and profits you'd save if you put this software to use with *multiple* keywords? You'd end up with exponential results and would be saving thousands of dollars every single month.

BUT - What's even more lucrative is using Keyword Locator to identify undeveloped niches and building a solid online business around that niche. Why? It's because...

1. There's virtually no competition.
2. You can appeal to your target market's desire.
3. You can sell targeted products that are simply irresistible to that niche.
4. You can reach more qualified prospects that are eager to buy your products and services.

Just think about it... Why try to compete in saturated markets when you can create an income stream free of competitors by building your online business around an untapped niche market?

While it's normally difficult to research these markets, Keyword Locator easily...

Uncovers Untapped Niche Markets
And Keywords Yours For The Taking
Wouldn't it be amazing if you had your own niche market business (or dozens of them) churning out profits month after month without the threat of competition, without trying to figure out what the market wants to buy, and certainly without overpaying for your PPC campaigns.

While this might sound like an impossible dream for most people, it's more than a reality for some who are quietly making a small fortune in these "niches". And my guess is...
you'd like to join them. And you can, using Keyword Locator to unearth these markets.

You wouldn't believe all the niche possibilities and opportunities available to you and how profitable they can be. For example...

She turned her anger into millions.

Frustrated and angry that conventional medicines and treatments couldn't help her arthritis, Margie Garrison spent many years trying to look for relief.

Finally, after years and thousands of dollars trying to get relief for her arthritis, she stumbled across a powerful remedy and saw how effective it was. So what she did next was write a little book called "I Cured My Arthritis, You Can Too!"

She took that book and sold over 210,000 copies - resulting in 2.8 million dollars in sales (and growing). Margie simply targeted a niche that had a huge desire to solve their problem and reaped tremendous rewards - something that anyone can do

The amount of money he's making is no 'hat trick'.

Starting with a fascination with street magician David Blaine, Carl Fraser started doing some research in a close knit group of magic enthusiasts in the UK.

After taking a look around dicussion boards and noticing the huge demands for street magic kits - he started a website selling books, videos, DVDs, sets, magic cards, sets and more...

Now Carl brings in 1.2 million every year and has a fanbase of customers who are eager to get their hands on the newest magic trick, book, DVD, set - you name it. Talk about a hungry niche market.

How did the jokester laugh all the way to the bank? Here's how:

When Ray Owens started his Joke A Day newsletter, all he had was a small group of 8 friends sharing jokes. Now he has over 100,000 readers who look forward to his hilarious newsletter everyday.

But the amount of money he makes is no joke... because... Ray earns a revenue of close to $150,000 a year from his site and newsletter.

The interesting part is that he has done this without even telling a single original joke! The content of his ezine consists of existing jokes and those submitted by readers.

Imagine having your very own online niche business just like these. One that's guaranteed to bring you thousands of dollars every month. What would it mean to you to have an online business that can earn you a steady 5-figure, 6-figure, even (in some cases) a 7-figure income?

Surely you understand having your online business based around a niche can mean the difference between freedom and a 9-5 job, the difference between living your dream and just getting by.

But what if you don't have your own product to sell to a niche? If this is the case,
you can...

Profit From the Booming Virtual Real
Estate Gold Rush With Google Adsense
Don't have a product of your own? No problem. You can use Keyword Locator the same way and locate niche markets to build Adsense/affiliate sites around. All you would need to do is find a lone market then sign up as a Google affiliate, mix in some affiliate products and get paid whenever a targeted visitor clicks around your site.
The virtual real estate concept is booming and Keyword Locator is the perfect tool to mine gold from it. You
can search the Overture query for the bid prices using the top bids feature, and
use the highest paying keywords to build your Adsense sites around.

Plus, you can see how the competition fares around that particular keyword. So you can handpick the keywords with the highest payout per click and lowest competition.

Even if that simple Adsense/affiliate site brought you $937 a month, building 5 more of those sites would result in $4685 a month. Yes, building small sites can be just as profitable as having one big successful site. What's more, they're faster to build, easier to target, and have much less competition than bigger niche markets.

Are you beginning to see how profitable it would be to use Keyword Locator? Think back to all you've seen so far and the answer will be obvious to you. And assuming you realize the benefits of this software...

How Will You Use Keyword Locator
To Gain The Unfair Advantage?

How will you use this tool to profit from your PPC campaigns? How will you use it to outsmart your competition? Wouldn't it be the perfect tool to locate hidden niche markets and under-exploited keywords?

Imagine how this software will make your life as an Internet Marketer easier, get the results you desire quicker, and maximize your ROI in all of your PPC campaigns. Think about all the traffic you'll unleash and the money you'll save once you get your hands on this software.

On top of that, it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced marketer, or even if you're a total technophobe. Keyword Locator will show anyone how to profit from PPC marketing because of its simple and easy-to-use interface.

Let's take a quick look at some of Keyword Locator's many features:

Pull in results from the top 4 PPC engines (Google, Overture, Findwhat!, Enhance) at the same time so you can hand pick dirt-cheap traffic while your competitors are paying 2-3 times as much as you are for the exact same qualified traffic.

Laser-target keywords on Google by using the brackets, quotes, and plain search. Now you can target the Google results you want to obtain, with pinpoint accuracy. This will give you a battle-tested idea of how much you could be spending on your ads.

Easily spy on your competitors by using Keyword Locator to exploit every single aspect of their site listing within seconds. You can ruthlessly expose their URL, title of their ad, and -- even their exact bid so you can capitalize on your competition's weakness.

See results from the highest to the lowest prices of competitor bids and display multiple results side by side to compare which search terms are the most profitable. Now you can save hours of time by running multiple search terms at once, that normally would've had you searching one by one if you were doing it manually.

Swipe titles from existing listings and brainstorm killer titles that will super-charge your click-thru-rates. Why get involved with the guesswork of writing your own title when you could grab winning titles that the competition has already tested and proven to pull.

Export to HTML, XML, CVS, or TXT in 3 easy steps and save/load your searches anytime you want without any hassle. Import any previously saved searches at the mere click of a button. It's also 100% compatible with Wordtracker so you can keep track and combine all your money making keywords with ease.

Use the R/S (results/searches) feature to easily find profitable niche markets that your competitors are missing out on by locating keywords that with slim to none competition.

Turn just a single keyword into thousands of targeted niche opportunities by using the deep search to dig deeper into your main keywords.

Easily expose hundreds of cheap keywords that will dramatically add to your bottomline. You'll be able to unleash a windfall of traffic without paying a cent more of your money.

Find out how many competing websites and competing listings there are for your search term. Now you can bid the bare minimum by grabbing the low competition keywords for pennies, and jump-start your search engine optimization by building your pages around those exact keywords to easily achieve top 10 rankings.

Get hard-to-find data on Europe and Asian markets. You could easily double, even triple your business by selling to international markets. Most people don't have a clue how much money they're missing out on when they exclude international markets, when in fact, many of these markets use English to search.

Instantly determine the profitability of keywords and niche markets simply by looking at the R/S (results/searches) to get hard-core information on the supply and demand.

The bottom line? There isn't anything else you can do that will be more profitable for your PPC campaigns than using Keyword Locater. You've clearly seen why in terms of the time, effort, and money saved.

With that in mind, the only question left is...

"Already Found 239 Low-Cost Keywords Relevant To My Market"

"This software belongs on the desktop of any marketer who wants to make more money and save more time on their PPC campaigns.

Within 12 minutes of testing out your software -- I had
already found 239 low-cost keywords that were relevant to my market. Talk about fast!

I can honestly say that the competition analysis feature is easily worth 10 times the price you'll pay for this software. Buying your software is simply a no-brainer... and I highly recommend it!!"

-Mike - http://www.Making.biz

"I Just Saved Myself $221.13
Using Your Software "

" All I have to say is Keyword Locator is the most AMAZING piece of software I've ever used. I was able to go in today and use it to instantly determine how competitive any market is. I especially love how it completely takes the guesswork out of launching your PPC campaigns.

But the best part of your software is how I was able to
easily analyze the competition using the analysis feature. Now I don't have to get involved with the annoying bid wars. In fact, I just saved myself $221.13 using your software. Thanks!!"

-Chris Choi - www.BrainsiderNews.com

"Next Step Up For Marketers Who Are Serious About Profitable Keyword Research And
Making Real Money"

"Keyword locator is the next step up for marketers who are serious about profitable keyword research and making real money with PPC advertising.

It's now my #1 keyword research tool by far - it not only allows me to easily find a whole lot of
money-making "niche" keywords, but also lets me "spy" on the competition by showing me detailed info on every ad that exists for any keyword. Very powerful stuff!

Actually, after I started using Keyword locator, my other keyword research tools are pretty weak in comparison - they just "collect dust" on my desktop these days... This is the
best keyword research software there is. Period."

-Fred Engh - www.CBTracker.com

"Showed Me How to Get More Traffic While Spending Less Money"

"Keyword Locator is a huge time saver. I was awed by how fast I was able to get the keywords I needed, especially how cheap I was able to get them.

The bottom line is that your software showed me how to
get more traffic while spending less money. I had a gold mine of keywords in front of my screen, just waiting for me to take them off my competition's hands.

Saying that this software was a wise investment is an understatement.

-Noel Springer - www.webbizprofit.com

"Will Be Primarily Using Your Application For PPC Marketing"

"Very nicely done. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much when I first ran Keywords Locator, considering I've used just about every other keyword generator program out there and hadn't been that impressed. I was actually planning on creating my own custom application to fill the voids these other programs left. Well, after spending about 10 minutes with Keywords Locator, I've changed my mind and will be primarily using your application for PPC marketing.

-Brad Callen - www.SEOelite.com

Will You Fail To Realize The True
Value Of Which You Are Given?

Many times, people fail to realize the true value of a commodity. People fail to make a simple low investment, forgetting the fact that the investment will more than pay for itself in the long run. The question is: Will you fall into the same category?

Take this in consideration: If you make a 300% return with your Pay-Per-Click campaigns, is that all there is to it - is that the most you will ever make?

No, of course not - that investment will continuously bring in that 300% return month after month without fail.

So if you're investing your hard-earned money into PPC advertising or planning to do so, you probably know how important the lifetime value of your campaigns will be. Today your investment may cost 13 cents a click and return $50 a week, but in a year that exact same $50 return will become $2400...

Which leads me to the conclusion that, your investment in Keyword Locator is not going to cost you a dime, it
will save you you money and time.

And because Keyword Locator can easily be
manipulated in your favor
to bring and save you thousands of dollars a month, it would be reasonable to let it go for a price of $497 - but you can own Keyword Locator for not even half, not even one-fourth of what it's really worth.

You can own this software at a small investment of only $87.

The fact of the matter is that Keyword Locator will pay for itself over and over again. Everytime, you use Keyword Locator to research your market, you'll be able to instantly unearth hidden under-exploited keywords and get high quality traffic for pennies on the dollar.

You'll be able to get more traffic for less cost, more customers, higher profit margins - while slashing your marketing cost and eliminating wasted dollars.

For example: If you're spending $10 per day buying PPC traffic and you cut your costs by just 25% - that's an automatic $75 savings in that month alone (not to mention savings for the months to come).

When was the last time an investment has paid off for you so easily?

While you think about your answer, here's...

"Simply The Best Investment Anyone (Who Wants More Profits And Traffic From Their PPC Advertising) Can Possibly Make "

"This software is nothing short of brilliant. This is the answer that I've always been looking for to speed-up my PPC campaigns and manage my keyword research. Even with its very first use, I was able to slash 37% of my PPC advertising expenses. This software has been a godsend to me -- and is an indispensable tool for anybody who sells anything online.

It is not only a great tool for PPC enthusiasts but also for affiliate marketers as well. You see, it can be used to uncover Adsense gems and allow affiliates to build sites targeted for Google AdSense revenue. I'm going to use it from now on to increase my effectiveness and efficiency in launching PPC campaigns and building more affiliate sites.

After spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars advertising on Google, Overture and the other PPC engines, I can clearly say, without a doubt, this software is simply the best investment that anyone who wants more profits and traffic from their PPC advertising can make."

-Adam Lok - http://www.minisitesell.com


6 Exclusive Premiums Yours, When You Act Quickly
I'm certain that you see the value of Keyword Locator but when you take action immediately,
you'll also get the following 6 bonuses unavailable anywhere else:

Upgrades for 1 full year : After purchasing Keyword locator you are entitled upgrades for one full year. So when a new, more powerful features and versions is released within the year, you'll won't pay for upgrades. This also means that if you should lose your download due to a catastrophic system crash, upon providing proof of purchase, you will be able to recover your download!

**In Fact**: FindWhat/Miva just updated their keyword tool, and this is the only software at this time that followed the update allowing you to extract the new Miva results.

Text Formatter: Write your PPC ad listings 4 times faster. After you've finished your research (in just minutes!), Keyword Locator's Text Formatter further optimizes your pay-per-click experience by allowing you to put in the exact lines and number of characters accepted by your Pay-Per-Click network! Copy a block of text into Text Formatter and then set a line or character limit. Voila! Your ad is finished and perfect to the character!
Bracket, Quote, and Negative Keyword Generator: With this valuable software, you can easily breeze through your Google Adword campaigns and categorize each keyword to bracket, quote and negative qualify your keywords so you don't have to do it manually!
ClickBankEase Product Finding Tool: enter in any niche market or keyword and this FREE BONUS software will scour and search Clickbank products being sold online that are related to that niche. This is the perfect complement to Keyword locator. When you pinpoint a niche you want to sell to, you'll instantly have a list of ready-to-go affiliate products
5. Google Cost Per Click Calculator : Now you can take the guesswork out of how much you will profit when you know your profits. Simply enter your gross profits per day and sales per day and let this calculator total the rest
6. Split Testing (*SPECIAL REPORT*): Learn how to easily split test your landing pages for better conversions and more profits! This special report guide explains in detail how to go about creating a FREE script to split test your sales pages. No additional software necessary
You Risk Absolutely Nothing
I want you to put the risk entirely on me.

Because I'm so confident you're going to love Keyword Locator, I am willing to give you a no questions asked, unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. Just for saying 'maybe' you can try it out and put it to the test.

Go ahead and download Keyword Locator today. Then, use it to discover untapped keywords and niche markets -- use it to multiply your traffic and save money on your PPC campaigns -- use it to crush your competitors.

After that, if you're not completely satisfied for any reason, then contact me anytime within 30 days and I'll refund every cent of your money.

With this in mind, let me ask you this...

Can you really afford NOT to get Keyword Locator?

It's a no-brainer.

Why spend countless hours doing keyword research when you can get the job done in minutes?

Why throw your hard earned advertising dollars down the drain when you could easily locate untapped keywords and get the exact same traffic for an absolute bargain with Keyword Locator?

Why let your competitiors leave you in the dust and outdo you when you can expose their strategy and always stay a step ahead of them?

If you could get one tool today that will get you the unfair advantage over your competition, I assure you - this is it. The best part is that your competitors won't even see what's coming when you use this lethal weapon to pick them off one by one.

After reading this far, you begin to understand why you can’t afford to waste any more time making less money than you deserve from your PPC advertising. The only thing left to do now is to act on this .

In your best interest,

P.S.-- I mentioned before that one of the most lucrative ways to use Keyword Locator was to use it to uncover untapped niches. Within 5 minutes of getting Keyword Locator, you could start building a business around a high-demand niche and create a revenue stream like you would've never thought possible. Isn't it time you finally build a solid niche oriented online business?
P.P.S.-- You risk absolutely nothing. Try Keyword Locator for a full 30 days. If you aren't satisfied, return it for a prompt, no questions asked refund. There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't give it a try today.